All Things Cake!

We have many options for flavors, colors and fillings! You can explore your options below. You can also view our galleries  here for ideas for your cake. You can locate the Request A Quote form here.

Classic Cake, Cupcake
& Cake Pop Flavors

12 cake pops = $36 | 12 cupcakes = $40 | 6″ cake = $40 | 8″ cake = $80

⦁ Butter Pecan ⦁ Cherry Chip ⦁ French Vanilla* ⦁ Lemon
⦁ Birthday Cake (white cake with colorful sprinkles) ⦁ Red Velvet ⦁ Spice ⦁ Strawberry ⦁ Triple Chocolate Fudge ⦁ White* & Almond*

*Can be dyed any color. *Rainbow (each layer a different color) adds $10.

Cake Pop Coatings

⦁Premium Dark Chocolate ⦁  Milk Chocolate ⦁ Premium White Chocolate ⦁ White Mint ⦁ Green Mint  ⦁ Vanilla* ⦁ Peanut Butter

*Vanilla is available in the following colors:
⦁ Black ⦁ Blue ⦁ Green ⦁ Lavender ⦁ Light Blue ⦁ Light Green ⦁ Orange
⦁ Pale Pink ⦁ Purple ⦁ Red ⦁ Vibrant Green ⦁ Vibrant Pink ⦁ White ⦁ Yellow

Icing Flavors for
Cake & Cupcakes

⦁ Chocolate Buttercream ⦁ Vanilla Buttercream

*Frosting can be purchased on it’s own

Fillings for Cake
& Cupcakes

⦁ Blueberry ⦁ Raspberry ⦁ Strawberry
⦁ Cherry ⦁ Any of the icings

Specialty Cake
& Cupcake Flavors

Each has a recommended icing.
12 cupcakes = $46 | 6″ cake = $46 | 8″ cake = $92

Apple Spice with Caramel topping ⦁  Brownie Bottom Strawberry Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream ⦁ Caramel Apple with Caramel topping ⦁ Chai Latte with Chai Buttercream ⦁  Chocolate Peanut Butter with Chocolate or Peanut Butter Buttercream ⦁ Oreo with Vanilla Oreo Buttercream ⦁ German Chocolate with Coconut & Pecan Icing ⦁ Mountain Dew with Mountain Dew Buttercream (optional Dorito crumb “sprinkles”)
Root Beer Float with Root Beer Buttercream ⦁ Pumpkin Spice ⦁ Champagne – white base with champagne and champagne buttercream ⦁ Strawberry Champagne – strawberry base with champagne and champagne buttercream

Boozy Cakes & Cupcakes

The alcohol bakes out of the cupcakes, leaving just the flavor behind.
The icing remains alcoholic.

12 cupcakes = $53 | 6″ cake = $53 | 8″ cake = $106

Amaretto – white base with amaretto ⦁ Strawberry Margarita – strawberry base with tequila ⦁ Mimosa – orange base with champagne 
RumChata – white base with rumchata ⦁ Blackberry Cabernet – chocolate base with cabernet ⦁ Peach Bellini – White base with peach schnapps & champagne

Serving Guide

How many servings do I need of cake? How do I cut my cake? What is a good portion of wedding cake? 

If you are unsure what size cake you need, please refer to the guide below. Our “price per serving” is based on the Wilton servings on this chart, and are “base prices”. Design may increase the price.

cake servings
cake slicing guide
cake cutting guide
Wedding Cake Cupcake Servings

How many cupcakes do I serve at my wedding?

For Cupcakes and Cake Pops, the industry standard is to provide 1.5 per quest. We recommend 1 standard-sized cupcake per guest. Some guests won’t eat any, some will eat 2 or more. If you prefer mini cupcakes, we suggest two to three minis per guest.

For Gluten, Dairy, Corn & Soy Free treats, visit my friends at Baked by a Celiac.