This is a totally crazy picture of me. But it’s a pretty accurate depiction of my enthusiasm.

HI! I’m Laura, owner on Laura’s Baking Delights in Holmen WI. I am a fully licensed and insured retail baker and I bake out of the incubator kitchen in La Crosse WI.


I’ve been baking since I was kid, and officially opened my business in the Spring of 2014.

What happened was… In 2009 we started Financial Peace University. Part of that included cutting my hobby budget for a while. But I quickly figured out baking was a hobby I could hide in the grocery budget! Suddenly I was obsessed with everything cake! So, I found myself a commercial kitchen and got licensed to “do this for real”.

When I’m not baking, I’m hanging out with my husband & 2 boys or traveling with family & friends. My boys are 10 & 14 years old & are a huge influence on my business. They help me dream up all sorts of new flavors and ideas. They are why I do this. The money I make from my creations pays for their extra curricular activities, camps and family vacations. My husband is a wonderfully tolerant man who not only puts up with, but supports me in all my crazy dreams. I also have a dog and two guinea pigs. They are also all boys. Oy! My other passions include scrapbooking, card making, a bit of sewing and lots of reading – so you’ll often find my love of crafty things in my cake designs.

I look forward to baking for you, and making you the most popular person at the party! (Or work, or church, or wherever. Because wherever you take cake, you will have fans. I promise.)

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Me in a calmer moment. Photo by Schock Photography.