About Laura

HI! I’m Laura, the Laura of “Laura’s Baking Delights”. I live in Holmen, WI and I am an insured retail baker and cake decorating instructor. I’ve been baking since I was kid, and officially opened my business in the spring of 2014.

That was the short story. Here’s the long story….

How did I start my business you ask? Well, In 2009 my husband & I started Financial Peace University. Part of that included cutting my hobby budget for a while. (No more trips to the fabric and scrapbook stores!) But I quickly figured out that baking was a hobby I could hide in the grocery budget. Suddenly I was obsessed with everything cake. Then I figured out that people were actually willing to pay me to bake for them. So, I found myself a commercial kitchen and got licensed to “do this for real”.

Fast forward a few years… in 2017 I started to feel the need for change. I was growing lonely in my kitchen all by myself, and wanted to find a way to connect with more people. My initial thought was to open a store where I could create my cakes, sell decorating “stuff”, and teach classes. SO, I attended a cake conference in Texas. I went for four reasons: 1. My best friend from high school lived there. 2. To see all the cool stuff. 3. To talk to the vendors of such stuff. 4. To take classes in order to see how other decorators taught.

After day one, I went back to my friend’s house and immediately started jotting down notes on classes I could teach. After day two, I had to buy another suitcase for all the “stuff” I was bringing home. And after day 3, I had the feeling of being overwhelmed by the mere thought of opening a store.

So I focused on classes. My church was kind enough to let me use the fellowship hall to hold my first few classes in. Then I asked at the kitchen I use if I could teach classes there. (The answer was no, but I could use the conference room. Good enough for me!) Next, I found the courage to ask the local park district office about teaching classes through them. And I just recently met with my local YMCA to set up classes through them. And now? Now I am working on developing online courses!

I am having so much fun teaching! The children are a joy, the adults are inspiring, and all of them present me with new ideas and challenges that I just love figuring out!

When I’m not baking, I’m hanging out with my husband & 2 boys or traveling with family & friends. My boys are a huge influence on my business and are the reason I do this. The money I make from my creations and classes pays for their extra curricular activities, camps and family vacations. My husband is a wonderfully tolerant man who not only puts up with, but also supports me, in all my crazy dreams. We have a dog and two guinea pigs, who are also all boys. Oy! My other passions include scrapbooking, card making, a bit of sewing and lots of reading.

I look forward to baking for you, teaching you, and helping make you the most popular person at the party! (Or work, or church, or wherever. Because wherever you take cake, you will have fans. I promise.)

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