Cake Pops

“Cake pops are Delightful, Delicious Pops of Pure Sweetness.” Laura’s are made by crumbling and compressing a baked cake until it is smooth and fudge like in consistency. Then it is molded into fun shapes or balls, covered in chocolate or vanilla coating and served on a stick. With a full selection of flavors, and a variety of ice-cream sundae like toppings, Laura’s pops bring a creative and delightfully tasty flare to any event or gathering.

Laura's first attempt at cake pops

I remember my 1st attempt at making them. What a mess!! My cake was to “wet” and fell off the stick into the chocolate. Then when I did get it to stay on the stick, there was chocolate all over the stick! Then I dealt with cracking, sliding and misshaped balls. Ugh! I didn’t get really good at them until I had to make 300 for a wedding. Doing that many all at once really helped me get a handle on it. But I made about 400 in order to get 300 I was happy with.

That was over 10 years ago, and I am so glad those struggles are behind me. Now every one of them is perfectly shaped, the texture is consistent from pop to pop and they taste even better then they look. Not to brag, but I am repeatedly told my cake pops are “way better than Starbucks”.

Learn how Laura makes them!

If you are ever interested in learning to make them yourself, I offer in-person classes on a regular basis. I also have a prerecorded class called “Perfect Cake Pops Now” that is available in my shop. You can download and watch the class anytime, and it includes my fail-proof recipe, method and lots of tips on how to make perfect pops.

Custom orders for all occasions

Not feeling crafty? No problem! I can make them for you! Simply choose your cake flavor, the coating, and let me know what colors or theme you would like. My only requirement is that you order 12 per flavor. Sometimes I have extra cake pops and you can find them in my shop. There is no minimum count requirement for ordering them in my shop.

Need a quote or interested in a class?

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Cake pops are fun, whimsical and delicious! Explore our gallery for ideas and then Request a quote.

Interested in learning Laura’s special recipe and technique for making perfect cake pops? Check out our classes!

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