What’s up in the test kitchen today? Here is a hint….


Looks pretty normal…20170424_143352

You can’t bake them that close together!!! And why are they so smooth?20170424_144556

Oh! But, but, you can’t eat raw cookie dough! (you can if there is no egg in it)20170424_145714

Chill out! There’s no egg. (See what I did there?)20170424_145929

Evil? Or genius?20170424_152458

Aren’t they cute?20170424_153525

TaDa!! NEW ITEM!! Cookie dough pops! 20170424_160426

My 1st taste testers of the new chocolate chip cookie dough pops. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Lol. They love them!20170424_183003

Yum yum yum!20170424_183115

Since those were so good, (and disappeared quickly), we tried another one. With peanut butter this time. 20170424_201313

What is your favorite cookie dough to eat raw?


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