Bridal Expo Special Offer

We had a sensational time at the 2018 La Crosse Bridal expo on January 14th. It was a pleasure to meet so many couples and their entourage. Still, we know not everyone was able to make it, and that we missed a few of those who did attend. So, we are extending our Bridal Expo […]

LBD’s was featured!

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure to meet with Steve Cahalan of the La Crosse Tribune and talk about my company and passion for what I do! What an awesome experience! Want to read the full story? Click here!

LBD T-shirts

I’m organizing a CustomInk order for LBD shirts. Why would you want one? Because all the cool kids will be wearing them!!!! AND, if I spot you wearing one, you will get a FREE TREAT!  Ordering closes on June 19th. They should arrive on July 3rd. You’ll be able to pick them up at my […]

Thinking inside the box.

The other day I received an oddly shaped package in the mail. I didn’t recognize the company name and couldn’t think of anything I had ordered that would come in a package that shape and size. So naturally I was curious and ripped the package open right there in the driveway. When I opened it, […]

Cookie Dough Pops?!

What’s up in the test kitchen today? Here is a hint…. Looks pretty normal… You can’t bake them that close together!!! And why are they so smooth? Oh! But, but, you can’t eat raw cookie dough! (you can if there is no egg in it) Chill out! There’s no egg. (See what I did there?) […]

Farmers Market Virgin

Well, I did it. I joined the Cameron Park Farmers Market in La Crosse, WI. Everything started out well. My eldest son helped me get everything down there and set up. I found the proper person and checked in. All was good. And then the customers came. And came. And came. Holy cow! This is […]

Decorated Oreos

I have recently become OBSESSED with decorated Oreos! Have you heard of or seen these? Basically, you take a delicious Oreo cookie, drench it in chocolate, and then decorate them! What’s not to love? AND, I finally have a use for all of my chocolate molds!!  If these sound AMAZING to you, click here to request […]